Very nice little bake shop! Awesome food! Highly recommend the cinnamon roll!
Great atmosphere, and phenomenal friendly service! -Bob Hickey (From Google Local)

I bought 2 muffins, a scone, and a dozen donuts & the price was around $14.
Everything was fresh and delicious. The girl who waited on me was very friendly and professional and everything was packaged nicely. There are more than 3 tables inside and a variety of coffees.

If you want a truly “special” cake, this looks like the place. The cakes looked as good as any I’ve
seen in big cities and were decorated with fondant. Very modern. If you’re someone who is obese,
missing a few teeth, like sitting at the counter sipping coffee and smoking for two hours, yes,
the tables are probably too small and any owner of a nice bakery could get rude. Who knows.
Give this place a try, it’s a breath of fresh air for Iron Mountain. I’ve been coming to this area for
over 30 years every summer and it’s great to see a place like this! – Edward Schinderlee (From Google + Loccal)

Family owned and a real italian bakery! Cannolis,eclaires,fresh breads…so good and super cute! – (From Google Local)

I love their muffins and of course their cakes are to die for! – Mindy W. (From Yelp!)

REALLY good bread. Great service, excellent baked goods. They do have coffee but nothing fancy, just a couple choices in carafes. This is a wonderful local bakery.┬áDid you skip breakfast? You can spend 5 bucks for a McDonald’s greasy number whatever or $2.25 on one of Mary’s muffin’s, which are not only healthier but keep those lunch time hunger pangs away much longer. – Jesse L. (From Yelp!)

Agree…really good bread and really the only place in town for it. – Thomas J. (From Yelp!)